Universal Spirituality

The Initiate

All religions are basically the same, just different branches of the same tree.
They use different stories, parables... metaphors to explain the same
basic moral code, or Core Ideology.
This Core Ideology is the Seed of Truth.
Understand this and be The Initiate.

Seed of Truth

Understanding the Fruit of Knowledge metaphor is key to understanding the Seed of Truth.
By definition, "fruit" is the seed-bearing part of a plant, the ripened ovary.
The fruit's basic anatomy consists of a skin, the flesh, and the seed.
If you understand that, the fruit of knowledge is a metaphor for the mind,
then the skin would represent the conscious, or "waking" mind.
The mind that is awake when you are awake, and asleep when you are asleep.
This is the outer shell of your mind, the part of your mind exposed to the World.
It protects the rest of your mind like the skin of the fruit protects the flesh.
Your unconscious is the mind inside the conscious mind, the flesh of the fruit.
It is the part of your mind that is awake when you are awake, and awake when
the conscious mind goes to sleep. It is the that part of the mind that controls breathing,
the heart beat, and stores memory, simultaneously. It is actually more powerful,
and has more control over the conscious mind than most people realize.
In the center of the fruit is the core, where we find the Seed.
Stop for a second and think about a seed, and the first thing you might realize
is that each seed contains all the information needed to create the entire plant.
Each plant can produce fruit year after year, and inside each fruit is more seeds,
that create more plants, that produce more fruit, containing more seeds.
The Infinite Power to Create an infinite number of plants, fruit, and seeds,
is condensed inside each seed, in the core of each fruit.
The is an Infinite Power to Create, just as powerful as the seed,
in the core of your mind.
Understand and be able to explain this and be the Seed of Truth.
Plant the seed and spread the word.


Membership is completely voluntary and anonymous.
Membership requirements are nothing more than understanding and desire.
Understand the Seed of Truth and desire to plant that seed in others to
become a member.
Because the Seed of Truth is in the core of our being, individually,
the "official" structure of the "organization" of Universal Spirituality
is obviously based on the cell theory model.
Each individual is just that, an individual. Unique, special, ... a snowflake.
Each one designed for a unique purpose, and equipped with a unique gift.
Communicate through the "core of your being" using meditation,
and the Seed of Truth will reveal your purpose.
I have created a simple "Guided Meditation" program that anyone can use
to achieve the meditative state. Just listen.


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